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Nowadays, Eastern European countries are taking on the pressing challenge of boosting its renewable markets. Nevertheless, as a result, the CIS region is becoming lucrative forinvestors as markets grow rapidly and mature. Nevertheless, investors are afraidto be lost in this mysterious region.

Osher Consulting Agency provides assistance for individuals and entrepreneursin legal, financial, and business affairs at an international level for manyyears. We assist Europeans who desire to widen their horizons integrating into the Russian market and the CIS region, countries like Ukraine, Kazakhstan or the region of Central Asia.
Do you want to start your business in Russia or CIS? Are you interested in opening new frontiers in planning and managing your regular business affairs?.

Osher Consulting Agency provides an extensive range of  legal services indifferent spheres:
-   Legal assistance: legal continual support, advice or consulting in all yourbusiness affairs
-   Commercial assistance: commercial market analysis and assistance in building new partner capacity. 
-  Assistance in regular business affairs : monitoring and increasing trading turnover or managing and  generating cash flow facilities.

Our agency provides clients with secure assistance in all your business affairs taking into account your personal needs and wishes to guarantee maximum resultsas Your success is ours...
Our team devotes all its energies and expertise to help you in integrating intothe CIS market as our methods have proven its effectiveness over time..
If you are not in France you can contact us through the Internet service or telephone..





'Not a Coincidence': New Anti-Russia Sanctions Are Senate's 'Gift to Poroshenko'
The White House is reportedly working with Congress to change the Senate-proposed bill on new anti-Russian sanctions. Russian political Alexander Kubyshkin discussed the issue with Radio Sputnik.

UN Syria Envoy Has High Hopes for Putin-Trump First Meeting at G20
UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura expressed hope on Saturday that Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump would meet at the G20 summit in Germany and foster the settlement of Syrian crisis.

US Decade Long Blunders in This Country 'Political Fiasco'
The US Department of Defense spent $94 million in 2007 on purchasing camouflage uniforms for the Afghan police intended for action in forested areas, although the territory of the country covered in vegetation is only about 2 percent.