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Italian Authorities Expel Two Moroccans, One Syrian Over Security Concerns
Italian authorities have expelled two Moroccans and one Syrian national due to security concerns, the country's Interior Ministry said in a statement Saturday.

Asceticism & iPhones: Unique Glimpse Into the Lives of Tibetan Monks (PHOTOS)
Tibetan monks seem like ethereal beings always composed and at peace with themselves. They spend their days praying for humanity and learning the ancient sacred Buddhist texts. However, the 21st century and technology that has come with it have touched upon the lives of these monks.

Number of Injured in Storm-Related Accident in N Austria Rises to 120
The number of injured people after a storm ripped through a beer tent in Austria's northern state of Oberoesterreich rose to 120, local media reported Saturday.

OSCE Calls for More Int'l Cooperation After Attacks in Spain
The latest terrorist attacks in Spain need a collective response and more cooperation between countries, Makis Voridis, the chair of Ad Hoc Committee on Countering Terrorism of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, (OSCE PA) told Sputnik on Saturday.

Neo-Nazis From Across Europe March in Berlin, Counter-Rally Underway (PHOTO)
Neo-Nazis from across Europe are marching in Berlin to mark the 30th anniversary of the death of Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler’s former deputy. A counter-rally against Nazism is also underway.

'Gone too Far': 'Silent' EU Changes Tone Now Anti-Russian Sanctions Hit Them Too
As the new US sanctions targeted Russia in the energy field, the EU is likely to continue cooperation with Russia in this area. In an interview with Sputnik, French expert on transport and energy strategies Nicolas Meilhan said that the US sanctions will drive a wedge between Brussels and Washington.

Bannon The Barbarian Goes "Thermonuclear"
"I'm leaving the White House and going to war for Trump against his opponents - on Capitol Hill, in the media, and in corporate America."

Bannon Ousted as Trump Huddles with Generals on Afghan War
On today's episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker is joined by human rights and labor lawyer Dan Kovalik, and Brian Terrell of Voice for Creative Non-Violence.

Rich & Fabulous: World's Highest-Paid Actresses Named by Forbes
Take a look at the beautiful ... and rich actresses that has made it into the Forbes' rating.

China’s New Ballistic Missile Marks New Chapter in Global Nuclear Deterrence
China is developing a new sea-based intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), the Julang-3 (JL-3), according to local media.

'Ideal Place': Russia to Deploy Next Gen Missile Warning Radar in Crimea
Russia plans to set up the Voronezh-SM state-of-the-art missile warning radar in Crimea. In an interview with Sputnik, the radar’s chief designer Sergei Boyev spoke about the strengths of the new system and the benefits of locating it on the strategic Black Sea peninsula.

Terror Cell Behind Barcelona Attack Dismantled - Spanish Interior Ministry
The Spanish Interior Ministry said that the terrorist cell behind the Catalonia terrorist attacks has been dismantled.

Daesh Militants Surrendering to Hezbollah at Syrian-Lebanese Border - Source
Small groups of Daesh militants are surrendering to Lebanese militia Hezbollah near a checkpoint at the Syrian-Lebanese border, a source in Hezbollah told Sputnik on Friday.

Steve Bannon Is Out as the Trump Administration’s Revolving Door Spins
Steve Bannon Let go allegedly by General Kelly, Europe faces another round of low tech terror attacks, and a major rally planned for Boston stirs fear.

Red Cross Sends Aid Vehicles to Donetsk Residents – Ukraine Border Service
The ICRC sent two vehicles with construction materials to the Donetsk region, a press service of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine said Saturday.

Bannon Out of White House, a Win for the Left?
Bannon is fired by Trump, more firings to come? What will American do with Jefferson and Washington's racist history?

Info of Ukraine Selling Rocket Engines to N Korea 'Sounds Reasonable'
The United States has intelligence that the engines that power North Korean ballistic missiles allegedly came from Ukraine. In an interview with Sputnik, Polish journalist Janusz Niedzwiedzki said that US media reports to this effect “sound quite reasonable.”

Common Interests: What Prompts Turkey, Iran to Increase Security Cooperation
Earlier this week, Iranian General Mohammad Baqeri, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Iran and the nation's most senior military official, visited Ankara to meet Turkish high-ranking officials, including President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Defense Minister Nurettin Canikli.

German Chancellor Candidate Calls for Recognition of Crimea as Part of Russia
A candidate for German Chancellor proposed recognizing Crimea as part of Russia because it will never rejoin Ukraine.

Mission Impossible: Kid Shows Ninja Skills to Avoid Being Seen by Nest Cam
A kid has demonstrated perfect ninja-style skills of a special agent when trying to avoid being seen by a Nest cam.

The Vietnamese Absolutely Love Russia, and Here's the Proof
Moscow's Soviet-era ally has proudly retained its love for Russia all throughout the post-Cold War period and even into the New Cold War, showing that the Vietnamese have a sincere fondness for all things Russian and strive to strengthen the historical relationship between their two states.

Vessels Collide Off China's Southeast Coast Killing at Least Three (PHOTO)
Two vessels collided on Saturday near Pingtan Island, China's Fujian province, leaving victims, Xinhua news agency reported.

Charlottesville: White Nationalism or Neo-Nazis?
Our final topic, picked by you, dear listeners, earlier in a poll on our Facebook page, is “Charlottesville: White Nationalism Or Neo-Nazis?”, focusing on what is probably the US’ most polarizing political topic today.

Stabbing Attack in Russia's Surgut: Eight People Injured (PHOTO, VIDEO)
A man went on a stabbing rampage in the center of the Russian city of Surgut on Saturday, the Russian Investigative Committee stated. The committee added that the man was a local resident.

India Blames China of Not Sharing River Info as Floods Cause Heavy Damage
Bilateral pacts necessitate the upper riparian country to share hydrological data every year between May 15 and October 15 so that the flow of the water can be anticipated and measures can be taken to deal with flooding.

Doklam Standoff: Japan Backs India’s Support of Bhutan
Lending a major shot in the arm for India’s position on Doklam, Japan has said that it recognizes there is a territorial dispute between China and Bhutan over the area but India’s involvement is justified as it is based on bilateral agreements with Bhutan.

Finnish Police Investigate Turku Attack as Terror Act
Finnish police are investigating Friday's stabbing attack in Turku as a terrorist attack, local radio company Yle reported.

Russian Warplanes Helping Syrian Army Encircle Major Daesh Hotbed in Hama
The Syrian Army is completing an operation to encircle a large Daesh force in the town of Akerbat in the eastern part of Hama province.

Barcelona Terror Attack: 'West Can’t Define Who's the Enemy: Daesh or Assad'
In the wake of Thursday’s terrorist attack in Spain that left 14 people dead and more than 100 injured, Sputnik Mundo discussed the issue with two analysts, who called for a united front against terrorism.

Seven States Receive Russian Humanitarian Aid in 2017 - Emergencies Ministry
A spokesperson for the Russian Emergencies Ministry told Sputnik that seven countries had received Russian humanitarian assistance since the beginning of this year.

Japan Launches Third Satellite to Improve Country's GPS System
Japan launched the third of its new quasi-zenith satellites on Saturday to improve the global positioning system (GPS) navigation services in the country.

India and Pakistan Turn 70: Now What?
It's been seven decades since the British Raj was epically split apart, and after many twists and turns in their relationship since then, it's fitting to reflect on what the future holds in store for both India and Pakistan.

Car Reportedly Rams Into Shop in Sydney Injuring Several People
A car crashed into a shop in Chatswood Mall in Sydney, injuring several people, including a baby, local media reported Saturday citing police.

Trump: "Madman Theory" or Just Plain Mad?
Trump's recent brinksmanship against both North Korea and Venezuela, to say nothing of his military's constant provocations against Russia and China's airspace and territorial waters respectively, has made many wonder whether he's skillfully employing the "madman theory" or is just plain mad.

Trump Authorizes Construction of Global War on Terrorism Memorial
US President Donald Trump has signed a bill authorizing the construction of a memorial to the US servicemen, who participated in the so-called global war on terrorism.

EU Council Does Not Plan to Hold Emergency Meeting After Barcelona Attack
The European Union Council has no plans for calling an emergency meeting of the justice and home affairs ministers in connection with the recent attack in Barcelona, an EU source told Sputnik on Saturday.

One US Police Officer Killed, Another Injured in Shooting in Kissimmee
One police officer was killed and another seriously injured in shooting in the US city of Kissimmee, Florida, the police said Saturday.

Belgian Woman Arrested in Greece Over Alleged Membership in Terror Group
A Belgian woman, 22, was arrested on the Greek island of Corfu on suspicion of membership in a terrorist group, media reported Saturday.

A Living Chicken Sandwich! A Hen Gets Itself Stuck in Two Pieces of Bread
In this hilarious video, a silly chicken attempts to peck some slices of bread with square holes in them but accidentally flips them on its head… twice!

Russian MoD Awards Syrian General for Successful Operation Behind Daesh Lines
The Russian Defense Ministry awarded Syrian Brigadier General Suheil Hassan for conducting a parachute landing behind Daesh defense lines.

Spain to Decide on Need to Raise Terror Threat Level on Saturday
Spanish authorities will hold an urgent meeting Saturday to look at whether the level of terrorist threat should be raised to maximum in the wake of two van attacks in the country's autonomous Catalonia region.

Uzbekistan Foreign Minister to Travel to India for Talks Monday
The top Uzbek diplomat will embark on a three-day visit to India next week to meet with top officials and attend a series of public events, the Uzbek Foreign Ministry said Saturday.

Counter-Protest in Boston Aims to Inspire Millions to Fight White Supremacy
Organizers of an anti-racism protest on Saturday in the US city of Boston, Massachusetts, hope to inspire millions of Americans to fight white supremacy, ANSWER Coalition activist Husayn Karimi has told Sputnik.

Lebanon Launches Offensive to Clear Daesh Militants From Syria Border
The Lebanese army started an operation early Saturday to defeat pockets of Islamist insurgency on its side of the border with Syria, local media said.

Floods Kill 10 People, Displace 11,000 in South China
Floods caused by a week of torrential rains have killed ten people and displaced over 11,000 in the southern Chinese province of Guangxi, known for its many rivers, Chinese state television reported Saturday.

Magnitude 6.4 Quake Strikes Off Fiji
A strong 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck early Saturday east of the South Pacific island country of Fiji, the US Geological Survey said.

US Senator McCain Completes First Round of Cancer Treatment
The daughter of hawkish US Senator John McCain announced Friday her father had finished the first round of radiation and chemotherapy after he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor.

Fired Venezuelan Chief Prosecutor Flees to Colombia
Former attorney general Luisa Ortega Diaz arrived in Bogota on Friday after fleeing Venezuela together with her husband German Ferrer, the Colombian migration agency has announced.

US Court Rejects Motion to Dismiss Film Director Polanski Rape Case
A US court in California on Friday rejected a motion by Roman Polanski’s rape victim to throw out the case against the renowned film director, saying that justice must be served in the interest of society.

Bell-Boeing Venture Wins $31Mln to Overall Osprey Tilt Rotor Aircraft
US Bell helicopter and Boeing’s joint venture won almost $32 million to repair various parts on the V-22 Osprey Tilt Rotor aircraft, the Defense Department said in a press release.

US Joins France, UK in Welcoming Libyan Army Probe of Unlawful Killings
The United States, France and United Kingdom in a joint statement welcomed the Libya National Army (LNA) decision to probe unlawful killings along with its recognition of an ICC arrest warrant for an LNA commander.

US Prepared to Use Full Economic Might Against Maduro for 'Power Grab'
The United States will bring all of its diplomatic and economic power to bear on President Nicolas Maduro after assumption of legislative powers by the Constituent Assembly, State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert said in a press release.

Fossils of New Giant Sloth Species Discovered in Mexico By Cave Diver (VIDEO)
First found in 2010, officials at the National Institute of Anthropology and History officially confirmed on Wednesday that fossils found in an underground limestone cave in Mexico belonged to an unknown sloth species.

Nine Parliaments Bash Pro-Maduro Assembly for Breaching Constitution
Parliaments in Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Chile have accused Venezuela’s new assembly of breaching the constitution after it granted itself the power to pass laws.

‘Unleash the Beast’: Will Bannon’s White House Exit Divide Trump’s Base?
Steve Bannon has been ousted from his role in US President Donald Trump’s White House, but rather than a fall from grace, expect a renewed passion for the fight from the very-recently-ex chief strategist, says Sputnik Radio host Lee Stranahan.

Tunisia Split Along Religious Lines Over Bill Giving Women Equal Property Rights
Tunisia’s consideration of a bill to grant equal property inheritance rights to women and men has divided the country over a larger question: whether it should be a secular state or one where Islam is the basis for its code of laws.

The Governator Slams Trump Over Weak Charlottesville Response (VIDEO)
Joining the growing list of people upset with US President Donald Trump's "both sides" statement on the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, this week, Arnold Schwarzenegger published a new video Thursday to offer suggestions on how The Donald should have responded.

Slainte! Study Indicates Whiskey Really Does Taste Better Mixed With Water
A study released Friday may confirm what bartenders have been suggesting for years, that whiskey does in fact taste better with a splash of water.

Explosion During Drill Kills South Korean Soldier, Injures Six More Near DMZ
A South Korean soldier was killed in an explosion during an artillery drill Friday at a shooting range near the inter-Korean border. Six other troops were also injured in the incident.

General Dynamics Wins $40Mln Redesign of Virginia Nuclear Submarine MPM
General Dynamics won more than $40 million contract to redesign Virginia Class nuclear submarine main propulsion machinery (MPM) control systems, the Department of Defense said in a press release.